FAIRtax℠ Large Vehicle Sunshade

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FAIRtax℠ Large Vehicle Sunshade
FAIRtax℠ Large Vehicle Sunshade

    Protect your vehicle's interior from the sun’s harsh UV rays with this 67" L x 27" H  Mylar, fold-up accordion sunshade in base color silver with an all red FAIRtax℠ logo on one side. 

   This sunshade is sized for full size Cars , SUV’s and Trucks. There are straps for storing in a folded position and this sunshade is held in place with your existing vehicle sun-visors or laid across your front dash board in some fashion.

    Please measure your front vehicle window length to determine if this size window sunshade works for you. If you want a smaller sized sunshade with suction cups, go back to the Store and click on “ FAIRtax℠ Small/Regular Vehicle Sunshade”.

    Why not promote FAIRtax℠ while protecting your vehicle?


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